Household Recycling

Household Recycling in Atlanta

With the world becoming more conscientious of the effects of pollution and waste, we are hopeful that household recycling will become more popular. As of 2017, roughly a third of generated waste was recycled or composted. There is no time to waste, though. While Americans generated a little over 2.5 pounds of garbage per day in 1960, that number nearly doubled to 4.5 pounds in 2017. If you are looking to get into household recycling in Atlanta, then continue reading for some tips. You are also welcomed to call RCM Recycling to consult with a representative or arrange for a pickup.

Some Basics
If you want to make an impact with household recycling, then stick to the fundamentals. Let’s get to the basics. Here are three basic rules:

  • Only recycle clean bottles, cans, paper, plastics, cardboards, etc. Thirty percent of recycled material go to waste because they are contaminated.
  • Keep food and liquids out of your recycling.
  • Do not bag recyclables or even toss them in loose plastic bags.

What You Can Recycle This will not be an exhaustive list, but we will mention some of the common items that are acceptable in recycling bins.

  • Plastic Bottles and Containers: Clean and dry these containers then put the cap back on before tossing in the bin.
  • Food and Beverage Cans: Clean and dry these cans. Empty aerosol cans can also be recycled. Remove any plastic caps or lids before recycling.
  • Paper and Cardboard: Paper, newspapers, and magazines are recyclable unless wet or soiled. Compost wet or soiled paper instead. Flatten cardboard and paperboard before recycling.
  • Glass Bottles and Containers: Recycling glass can be tricky. Rules vary so check your local program guidelines. RMC Recycling is happy to help.

Looking for Household Recycling Buyers in Atlanta?

If you enjoy helping the environment and also want to make some cash, then you have probably searched for household recycling buyers in Atlanta. But you do not have to rummage through web results for “household recycling near me.” Just call RCM Recycling to get in touch with a friendly representative to learn about our cash offers, services, and availability. We are happy to take your call and arrange a pickup.

What NOT to Recycle
Understanding what NOT to recycle can be as important as knowing what you can recycle. This is because actual waste can contaminate recyclable materials, simply creating more waste. In fact, roughly 30 percent of recyclable materials are turned into waste for this reason.

  • Tangling Items: Garden hoses, ropes, leashes, wires, holiday lights, chains, and other tangling items can wrap around equipment and endanger workers in recycling facilities.
  • Dirty Diapers: Aside from the yuck factor, there is the reality of diapers spoiling the other recyclables and turning them into trash.
  • Medical Waste: These can pose a safety hazard to workers and should be recycled in safe containers or at designated facilities.
  • Garage Waste: There are special collection programs for garage waste such as tires, filters, cart parts, and oils.

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