How We Recycle

How We Recycle

Recycling has become more popular in the past several decades, but even now, most people do not think much about recycling beyond tossing the recyclables in the bins. What goes on after those flattened carboard boxes or plastic bottles get emptied into the recycling bin? RCM Recycling takes care of a lot of the proceeding work and are happy to share with you some information on how we recycle. If you have any specific questions or concerns, or if you want to learn about how you can make some cash by recycling, then call RCM Recycling to get in touch with a friendly representative.

Bale and Sale
Once all of the items are separated, they are bailed into fine and neat piles. Prospective buyers can inspect the bales and make their orders. These companies or businesses use the recycled material to produce new raw materials, packaging, and products. With that, the recycling life cycle is completed.

RCM Recycling Offers Pickup Service

Are you interested in recycling? This can be a great way to make some quick cash while simultaneously helping the economy and environment. Plus, RCM Recycling makes it an effortless and seamless process. Just call RCM Recycling to consult with a representative and let us know what you have got. We can send a crew to your location to pick up the recyclables, scrap metals, appliances, and even junk cars. Let’s get started!

Recyclables Are Collected

Cities and municipalities have varying rules and regulations on what can be recycled and how or where they should be stored. Some common items that should not be thrown into recycling bins include diapers, greasy pizza boxes, single-use paper cups, and tangling items. Nonetheless, the recyclables are collected by picking up these bins. Some, like RCM Recycling, also visit locations to pick up large pieces of recyclables like scrap metals, appliances, and junk cars.

The Recyclables Are Weighed and Tipped

Before the recyclables enter the facility, they are weighed. There is usually a giant scale that weighs the truck and material altogether, then the weight of the truck is subtracted from the total weight. These numbers are useful to the municipalities and companies hauling the recyclables as well as the facility processing them. After the weight has been recorded, the recyclables are dumped onto the tipping floor where a pre-sort takes place. Hazardous items are removed from the pile. Such items include garden hoses, Christmas lights, and even blades or weapons.

The Recyclables Are Sorted

There is a countless number of recyclable materials which must be sorted. When the recyclables are brought to the center, they are poured into large machines and sorted with the help of workers. Newspapers, plastics, metals, can, etc. are all separated. Meanwhile, incorrect items are removed from the recycling batch. This process is time-consuming and labor intensive, which is why recycling facilities pay more for sorted recyclables and metals. It is also worth noting that some facilities pay more for clean recyclables. Though they usually have systems in place for cleaning recyclables, facilities prefer to have clean items recycled.

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