Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap Metal Recycling in Atlanta

Business owners, warehouse managers, builders and residents searching the internet for “scrap metal buyers near me” are in luck as RCM Recycling now proudly serves all areas of Atlanta. Scrap metal recycling is a great way to make some quick cash, free up real estate, support the local economy, and protect the environment from harmful chemicals. If you have large appliances, old office equipment, or any sort of retired metal equipment, then give RCM Recycling a call today. Our prices are kept up to date with market prices and we accept many types of scrap metal including, but not limited to, aluminum, steel, iron, copper, and brass. Save the hassle and take advantage of our pick-up services as well!

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Don’t Trash. Recycle for Cash!

As a scrap metal buyer in Atlanta, we urge our friends and neighbors in Atlanta to support the economy as well as the environment by recycling scrap metals as opposed to trashing them. Recycling allows us to reduce the amount of waste that overwhelms landfills and helps us conserve natural resources that are wasted in creating new products. Recycling saves tons of energy that pollutes our environment and directs that energy to more productive uses. 

Scrap metal recycling in Atlanta also has benefits for the local and national economy by tapping into domestic sources for raw materials. You can support American manufacturing by conserving and recycling these valuable resources, consequently reducing the costs of producing American-made goods and services. Ready to sell your scrap metal for cash? Call RCM Recycling to arrange for a courteous and professional crew to come free you of that space-consuming junk.


We Accept Large Appliances

With the economy growing at a rapid rate, many households and businesses are regularly upgrading to newer appliances and equipment. What do you do about the old? Make use of the old appliances by scrap metal recycling.

Appliances are especially sensitive when it comes to disposal because of regulations governing the environment. The Clean Air Act, for example, requires appliances such as freezers, air conditioners, and refrigerators to be properly disposed in order to prevent dangerous chemicals from polluting the air and soil. RCM Recycling is committed to offering services to help you with this situation. Give us a call today and we can have a crew come by and help. We offer premium pick up services to make this a seamless process.


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Other appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, and stoves are much simpler, but their weight can be a problem. Again, RCM Recycling is committed to providing exceptional customer service and offers pick up services for our customers in Atlanta. Call us today and ask for our current prices as they update daily along with market prices.

Pickup Service Available

Those looking for scrap metal buyers but lacking a truck can call RCM Recycling for pickup services. Explore our website to find our available hours or call now to speak with a live representative and schedule a flexible pickup date. We are always happy to help make your scrap metal recycling an easy process.