Is Recycling Metal Really Important for our Future?

JUL 20, 2021

Is Recycling Metal Really Important for our Future?

When it comes to talking about our future, recycling metal isn’t probably the first thing you think of to better preserve it. We think that preserving our future planet is by using less natural resources, using fewer plastics, and recycling our daily household items. Here at RCM Recycling, it is our job to teach you the importance of recycling any scrap metal you have lying around your home and how it can create a better future.

Whether you want to believe it or not, we are facing scarcity in a lot of our natural resources – water, fuel, and other things we use every single day. These are the things that allow us to function as a society, and every day, we are using them up.

With a population of over 7 billion people on our planet, there is an issue with scarcity and running out of natural resources. That’s why recycling your scrap metal is so important to creating a better future.

What Metals can be Recycled?

While you may not believe that scrap metal recyling can create a better and longer future, your scraps can be melted down and reused so many different times which is why recycling is so important for the future of our planet.

There are so many different common uses for ferrous metals, which is why your scrap metal is so valuable. When looking at your scrap metals, there are two different types of metals that can be recycled: ferrous and non-ferrous, the most important one being ferrous metals. These kinds of metals are steel, aluminum, and iron-rich metals.

With the increased need for these scrap metals, they need to be properly maintained so we can create a better future.

Electronics are a great place to find non-ferrous scrap metals. These are metals like copper, gold, silver, and palladium that are highly valuable and great to recycle if you have them on hand. It’s very well known that copper is typically used in electrical wiring in homes and household appliances. When homes get upgrades, no one thinks to take the copper wiring out of things like appliances to recycle. By throwing out things like appliances before checking them for any scrap metal, you are creating waste.

Gold and silver metal are most often used in jewelry, but it is so much more than just that. Gold and silver break down so slowly that it makes for a great metal to reuse in electronics. If you have old gold or silver jewelry that you are looking to recycle, RCM can pay you top dollar for it! Gold and silver are extremely valuable metals, so if you have some lying around, why not make some money off it?
Lastly, palladium is a less commonly known metal, but it is still very valuable and reusable. This kind of metal is often used in electronic devices such as computers. Palladium is used to make computer chips, circuit boards, and other computer pieces – so without it, we wouldn’t have computers.

Call RCM Recycling for your Scrap Metal Needs

If you are looking to recycle your scrap metal but don’t know where to start, give RCM Recycling a call today! We can pay you top dollar for your scrap metal and do all the dirty work for you!