What is Dirty Brass?

OCT 15, 2021

What is Dirty Brass?

If you’re planning to recycle scrap brass, it’s crucial to understand the difference between dirty brass and regular brass.

Regular brass is composed of copper and zinc, while dirty brass contains contaminants such as paint, oil, glass, and other metals. Brass which is made up of copper and zinc is considered "clean brass" while the one that has been contaminated with foreign components is considered dirty brass. In terms of price, scrap metal buyers typically offer a higher price for regular brass.

You may not realize that dirty brass is in all kinds of places around your home, construction site, or business premises. Possible items that contain dirty brass include musical instruments, plumbing fixtures, candlestick stands, ammunition casings, railings, trophies, and plates. If any of these items are lying around your home or business premises, you can sell them to scrap metal buyers for recycling.

Instead of discarding dirty brass into landfills, you can sell it to scrap metals buyers for recycling. While dirty brass is likely to sell for less when compared to regular brass, you can still make good money if you have a substantial amount of dirty brass.

Recycling dirty brass not only puts cash in your pocket but also helps to keep hazardous waste out of landfills.

Brass remains one of the most valuable scrap metals you can recycle today. Manufacturers can use this metal to make plumbing fixtures, locks, hinges, electrical sockets, bearings, gears, ammunition casings, and other products.

In addition, the cost of manufacturing brass is higher than that of zinc and copper. Therefore, recycling dirty brass is a great way to save money.

Where Can You Find Brass for Scrapping?

You can find dirty brass and regular brass in construction and renovation sites, online markets, junk shops, cleanouts, and electronic stores.

Start Recycling Your Dirty Brass Today

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