Scrapping an Automobile

JUN 29, 2021

Scrapping an Automobile

If you have a car or truck that seems more like a chunk of metal taking up space, then consider scrapping it for cold, hard cash. RCM Recycling is among the scrappers who are willing to pick up your junk car and pay you cash. As you may expect, you will not be getting thousands of dollars for the car, but the benefits surely outweigh the disadvantages. Still, RCM Recycling has a few ways to help you get the most out of your junk car. Call RCM Recycling or continue reading to learn more about our opportunities.

Is the Car Still Running?

Though RCM Recycling is in the business of recycling metals, we want you to get how much your car is truly worth. There is no reason to scrap your vehicle if it is still running, even if it does give you trouble. You can always repair it. Or get on over to a local online marketplace to test your luck selling it. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?

Sell for Parts

Now, if the vehicle is severely problematic, barely running, or is dangerous to drive, then it might be better to keep it off the road. Still, some of the parts might be perfectly fine to reuse. If you have some know-how, you can remove these parts to sell to auto repair shops or drivers looking to repair their car. Some individuals or businesses are even willing to drive out to your location, purchase the part, remove it, and take it away.
RCM Recycling does offer more cash for vehicles that have valuable working parts. For instance, we check the tires, electronics, and engine parts to see how you can get the most cash.

Make Some Room

The worst-case scenario is that you sell the junk car as scrap. This can put a couple of hundred dollars in your pocket and is hassle-free with RCM Recycling. The folks at RCM Recycling are ready to schedule a pickup date and have that mass of metal removed from your property.
After we take away the junk car, you may notice that the space we just freed up is even more valuable than the cash. Think of what you can do with that space. Just leaving it empty is even better than the eye sore that is a junk car. Prospective homebuyers are sure to agree with us on this one too. So, call RCM Recycling to get rid of that metal clutter.

We Pick Up!

The most frustrating part about a junk car taking up space on the property is the helplessness. Even if you wanted to sell it as scrap, how would you transport that to the junk yard? Do not worry! RCM Recycling offers pickup services. We can have a crew dispatched to your location to load the car up and have it transported to our facility. Call RCM Recycling to learn more about our services and opportunities. Our friendly representatives are happy to answer your questions and arrange a pickup.