Preparing Scrap Metal for the Recycling Yard

JUL 07, 2021

Preparing Scrap Metal for the Recycling Yard

Preparing Scrap Metal for the Recycling Yard

Have you had scrap metal lying around your house or on your property for months and you just didn’t know what to do with it? Sounds like you need help from the team at RCM Recycling! Depending on what kind of scrap metal you have, it could be worth some serious money that you are losing out on by not recycling it. 
Not only will you earn some extra cash from recycling it, but you are also helping to save the environment by bringing it to a scrap metal recycling yard and letting them dispose of it and melt it down properly. Scrap metal is so valuable because it can be melted down and repurposed so many times, and it helps to reduce the pollutants we put into our air every single day. 
When it comes to recycling your scrap metal, you can’t just put it in one big pile, give RCM Recycling a call and expect us to recycle it. There is some prep work that goes into preparing your scrap metal for the recycling yard. Here are some tips from the team at RCM Recycling…

5 Tips for Preparing your Scrap Metal for the Recycling Yard:

  • Safety precautions -- Depending on the kinds of scrap metal you may, you have some very sharp edges. Make sure you have proper safety precautions put into play before you start preparing your scrap metal. Whether that be making sure your first aid kit is stocked, or asking a friend for help, it’s always important to keep your safety as the priority. 
  • Use the right equipment -- When it comes to the equipment needed, it goes way beyond just protective layers and gloves. In addition to a standard tool kit, you will want to make sure you have a good magnet that will only stick to ferrous items (containing iron, which isn’t very valuable). This magnet will help to show you which scrap metal is most valuable so you don’t waste any time. If your magnet sticks, that is a lower value metal, if it doesn’t stick, put that item in the ‘very valuable’ pile!
  • Location does matter -- While sorting your metal is one of the most important parts, finding the right recycling yard is the next important thing. Recycling yards aren’t all created equally, so make sure you find one that won’t rip you off. Need help finding one? Give RCM Recycling a call! 
  • Know the value of your metal -- Take some time to research the scrap metal you have and determine its worth before you head to the recycling yard. You want to get the most money for it, right? So take some time, do your research, and come up with an estimate of your own before heading to the yard. 
  • Schedule a pickup or load it into your vehicle -- Now that you are ready to go, either load your scraps into your car or hire the team at RCM Recycling to take your scraps away! We make it easy to turn your scraps into cash.

Get Help from RCM Recycling

Now that we gave you our top 5 tips for preparing your scrap metal for the recycling yard, it’s time to give the team at RCM Recycling a call! We are more than happy to pick up your scraps and bring them to the scrap yard for you. To learn more about our services or get a quote, head to our website!