The Guide to Sorting Scrap Metal

AUG 03, 2021

The Guide to Sorting Scrap Metal

Recycling scrap metal is beneficial in so many ways – it helps to preserve our planet while also putting cash into your pocket! There is some serious money to be made in recycling scrap metal, but there is a method to doing it properly. To start, you want to ensure you properly sort through your scrap metals. There are so many different kinds of recyclable metals, but each type of metal has a different value. If you’re looking to learn more about how to properly sort your scrap metal, RCM Recycling is here to help!

Not only do we offering recycling services such as pick up and drop-offs, but we will also pay you cash on the spot for your scrap metal. We know the market value of every kind of scrap metal, and we want to pay you top dollar for it! Before we can hand over your cash, we need you to sort your scrap metals before we get there. We asked the RCM Recycling team if they had any tips for recycling scrap metal, and here’s what they said…

2 tips for sorting your scrap metal:

1.    Separate non-ferrous metals and ferrous metals
When you start to sort your scrap metal, you’ll want to have a magnet on hand. Use your magnet to hover each kind of metal. If the magnet sticks to something that means it is a ferrous metal. If it doesn’t stick, it’s a non-ferrous metal. You want to start by separating these two kinds of metals into different bins.

Copper is a well-known non-ferrous metal that you will find in things like wires, cables, plumbing, and pipes. Copper is highly valuable, so make sure you keep an eye out for it! Another common non-ferrous metal that is extremely valuable is brass. Brass is much more yellow in color than copper and is often used in plumbing appliances or pipes.

On the other hand, ferrous metals are metals like aluminum, stainless steel, etc. These are very valuable metals, but they won’t stick if you put a magnet on them. You’ll want to put these kinds of metals into a separate bin so that when an RCM Recycling team member comes to give you your cash, they will know how to properly pay you.

2.    Location matters
Another tip our team members gave us is that when it comes to choosing a recycling yard to bring your scrap metal to, location matters. Not all scrap yards are created equally, and if they know you’re not a pro, they may not pay you properly. Do your research and find a scrap yard that you can trust to bring your scraps to. If you want an easier solution, you can always give RCM Recycling a call! We will gladly come right to your home, pick up your scraps, pay you cash on the spot, and bring your scrap metal to the yard for you.

To book an appointment with one of our team members, and to receive cash for your scraps, give us a call today!