How Scrap Metal Companies Recycle Scrap Metals?

SEP 14, 2021

How Scrap Metal Companies Recycle Scrap Metals?

When you hear the term recycling, the first thing that comes to mind is probably plastic, cardboard, and all your cans and bottles. You may think those are the only things that can be recycled, but that’s far from the truth. There are so many different things in your house that can be recycled such as your washing machine, your old fridge, your dishwasher, your filing cabinet, and even your old car. Who do you call to recycle those kinds of items? You’ll need a scrap metal company in Newnan – RCM Recycling is exactly what you need!

As scrap metal buyers, we are willing to pay you cash for all your old appliances or scrap metal. You wouldn’t believe the value your different scrap metal holds, so if you are going through your home and doing some fall cleaning, make sure you keep any metals so you can call the team at RCM Recycling for all your scrap metal recycling needs.

The Process of Recycling Scrap Metal

Recycling your scrap metal takes more than just throwing it into one big pile and calling the RCM Recycling team. There are different kinds of metals that you need to separate such as ferrous metals (iron and steel) and non-ferrous metals (every other type of metal). The easiest way to tell which kind of metals you have is to see if they are magnetic. If your item is magnetic, it’s a ferrous metal. If it’s not magnetic, it’s a non-ferrous metal. It’s important to separate these into two separate piles since they each are valued very differently.

The first step in the process of recycling scrap metal is again, sorting your scraps by type of metal. After you have it all sorted or you called a team of scrap metal buyers such as RCM Recycling, it’s time to bring your scraps to the recycling yard. After you received your earnings for your scraps, the different metals will be compressed together to save space, and they will then be shredded into smaller pieces so they can easily be melted down to make other items.

The molten metal is then checked for any issues or damage, and then it goes through the process of being re-solidified. Once that step is completed, that recycled metal can be made into anything else such as building materials, different appliances, packaging for different items, or even furniture!

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Scrap Metal Recycling

  1. Most metals can be recycled hundreds of different times
  2. Aluminum is the most recycled item in the world
  3. One aluminum can being recycled can save the energy it takes to light a lightbulb for up to 4 hours
  4. Copper is one of the most valuable metals there is

Are you looking for scrap metal buyers to purchase your old appliances? Do you have a couple of old appliances that you want to sell for scrap metal recycling? Do you need a scrap metal company to come take away your scrap metal? The team at RCM Recycling can help with all of those things! Call our office today to learn more about our services.