How Scrap Metal Recycling Can Save The Planet

OCT 01, 2021

How Scrap Metal Recycling Can Save The Planet

The world produces millions of tons of scrap metal every year. Even though a substantial amount of scrap metal is recycled, there’s still a huge amount that ends up in landfills. Unlike domestic waste which takes a relatively short time to decompose, scrap metal takes decades to decompose. Scrap metal in landfills not only contributes to global warming but also affects human health in many ways. The most effective way to keep scrap metal out of landfills is recycling.

What Is Scrap Metal Recycling?

Scrap metal recycling involves collecting waste metal materials such as aluminum, zinc, and copper, and processing them to create new metal material that can be used to make new metal products.

The scrap metal recycling process involves several stages, including collecting, sorting, processing into forms, solidifying, and manufacturing. Some of the most popular recyclable metals include steel, iron, brass, copper, and aluminum.

Why Should You Recycle Scrap Metal?

In this day and age when global warming is increasing, there’s no doubt that scrap metal recycling is very important. So, what are the benefits of scrap metal recycling?

  • Helps to Lower CO2 Emissions

Scrap metals produce huge amounts of CO2 as they decompose in landfills. CO2 emissions lead to the destruction of natural habitats, extreme weather, rising sea levels, and other negative side effects. By recycling scrap metal, you can reduce the level of CO2 emissions.  

  • Saves Natural Habitats

Scrap metal forms nearly 50% of the landfills. By releasing harmful toxins into the environment, scrap metal destroys the surrounding habitats. That's why recycling scrap metal is beneficial in saving natural habitats.


  • Conserves Energy

When compared to manufacturing new metal products, recycling scrap metal requires less energy. Therefore, it is an effective way to save energy while reducing greenhouse emissions at the same time.

  • Prevents Toxic Leaks

Scrap metal can become a huge problem if it’s not disposed of the right way. If waste material such as jewelry, plumbing pipes, and laptops end up in landfills, substances such as lead can leak into the soil. Toxic leaks can contribute to air pollution, contaminate water, cause diseases, and even death in some circumstances. By recycling scrap metal, you’ll help to get rid of toxic substances in the environment.

  • Economic Benefits

Scrap metal recycling is good for the economy as well. The scrap recycling industry creates hundreds of thousands of jobs and generates billions of dollars in tax revenues every year.   

There are many other benefits that come with recycling scrap metals. With climate change becoming a major concern around the world, recycling waste is more important than ever. You’ll not only help to save the planet, but it's good for the economy.

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